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The countdown begins – here’s what’s new in iMindMap 8

The release of iMindMap 8 is just around the corner and we’re thrilled to reveal the updates that make it the most powerful version of iMindMap yet. So what can you expect? Read on to find out – starting with the biggest of them all…

Brainstorm View – two tools in one*

iMindMap 8 is the only Mind Mapping software to feature an inbuilt brainstorming tool. Say goodbye to office walls covered in sticky notes – iMindMap 8 provides a digital alternative. Add sticky notes, images and mini-boards for grouping ideas on the interactive, unrestricted cork-board canvas and bring your ideas to life.

*Only available in iMindMap 8 Ultimate

Develop ideas in Mind Map View*

iMindMap 8 guides you through every step of the creative process, from idea generation to task completion. It’s the ultimate digital thinking space. Capture your ideas in Brainstorm View, then switch to Mind Map View to organise, develop and refine them. The switch is instant – they will be the same ideas, just automatically organised into a Mind Map.

You can even switch back into Brainstorm View – any additions or changes made in Mind Map View will sync back to Brainstorm View.

*Only available in iMindMap 8 Ultimate

Redesigned User Interface

The iMindMap interface has undergone a complete redesign for version 8, with a new, intuitive ribbon design for Windows and a familiar style for Mac users. These simple and stylish interfaces will boost your creativity and won’t distract you from the task at hand.

New Branch Target

The new Branch Target boasts a simple and clear way to add and amend branches so that you can build maps effortlessly. It’s also great for touchscreen devices.

New Icon Library

A large library of slick, new icons will add a burst of colour and will really make your Mind Maps stand out.

New Properties Panel

The Properties Panel has been simplified to make adding images, icons, links, notes and now flowcharts even easier.

New iMindMap Cloud area*

The iMindMap Cloud area has been redesigned for iMindMap 8 to make syncing your maps across multiple devices effortless. Navigate around the iMindMap Cloud with ease and enjoy a more streamlined experience.

*Free 12 month subscription to iMindMap Cloud when you purchase or upgrade to iMindMap 8 Ultimate

Revamped Presentation View*

The new Presentation View has a simplified menu system and slide preview layouts to make it even easier to create visually stunning presentations.

You can now add Slide Notes to specific points in your presentation that will appear opposite the presenter screen to prompt you while speaking.

*Only available in iMindMap 8 Ultimate

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