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    She’s known for her incredible body-transformation and now Simone Anderson is sharing tips on how she maintains a healthy lifestyle after shedding a massive 92 kilograms.<br>The 26-year-old emerged as an inspiration for others after she turned her life around by devoting herself to a new regime that made her well-being her number one priority.<br>The next challenge has been to make sure the weight stays off.

    Ms Anderson told Daily Mail Australia that planning exercise into her calendar is a key to her success.<br>’I view it like any other important event and don’t more or change it for anything,’ she said.<br>Scroll down for video <br> Simone Anderson (pictured) shed 92kgs in her own incredible weightloss transformation<br> The 26-year-old mad international headlines for losing over half her body weight, emerging as an inspiration for others around the world <br><br> With over half a million followers on social media, the New Zealand woman has continued to work hard to stay fit, Slot Bonus healty and looking great.<br>Her top tips include being organised and prepared for the week ahead.<br>’I like to spend a couple of hours each Sunday planning what meals I want for the week, then going food shopping and finally prepping meals and snacks,’ Ms Anderson said.<br>  Ms Anderson told Daily Mail Australia her helpful pointers also include to make time for food shopping and planning<br>  She told Daily Mail she has always been confident however she now feels more comfortable in different outfits – including a bikini<br> In 2014 (pictured left) the now 26-year-old decided she needed to change her lifestyle for the sake of her health kick-starting a journey which has moved others to do the same<br>Auckland-born Simone also likes to ensure she always is carrying a water bottle.<br>’I find if I am well hydrated then it also makes a huge difference in my energy levels.’ <br> RELATED ARTICLES

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    With an ever-growing sense of motivation to inspire others Ms Anderson still has challenges citing her biggest weakness as snacking. She said the key is to be prepared with something nutritious.<br>’Ensuring I have good healthy and easy snacks on hand means it helps choose a healthy option over something that is unhealthy or more convenient.’ <br> Following her incredible transformation Ms Anderson has accumulated a small army of fans <br> She now boasts over half a million followers across social media and regularly makes updates with her progress, news and healthy pointers for others<br> With an ever-growing sense of motivation to inspire others Ms Anderson still faces challenges throughout her journey <br><div class=”art-ins mol-factbox floatRHS news” data-version=”2″ id=”mol-d3e12c20-2da6-11e7-802b-57e528641529″ website who transformed her image with 92kg weightloss shares health tips

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